Pomona Necklace


Contemporary pendant choker necklace in peach & burgundy. Handmade in the UK with freshwater pearls & shell pearls. Lovely fresh water potato pearls form the arms of this choker necklace, with rich burgundy coloured shell pearls and three vertical lines of peach coloured fresh water pearls and a burgundy shell pearl at the end of each line forming a sumptuous necklace.

What's The Story?

Pomona is the goddess who is believed to have protected fruit trees and gardens. The burgundy colour shell pearls remind us of fruits and we picked Pomona as the name for this necklace. One of the good quality artificial pearls is shell pearls formed with the actual nacre from mollusc shells. A mother of pearl bead is coated with pearl nacre dust and baked. Since some shell pearls have the same structure as cultured pearls, sometimes even with an x-ray, it is difficult to tell the difference between cultured pearls and shell pearls.


Potato Pearl size - 6-8mm, Shell Pearl size - 8 and 10mm. Necklace length - 17 inches.

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