About Our Jewellery

Distinctive, Original Designs & Materials

High Quality Pieces, Handmade in the UK

An Exclusive Alternative to Traditional Brands Talked About

Carefully Selected Gemstones & Materials

We only use materials that meet our own rigorous quality standards.  We assess each gemstone strand received using comprehensive checklists developed in-house from GIA practices.  With premium materials such as Pearls, Tourmaline & Tanzanite, we accept/reject individual stones.

Quality of the ‘Unseen’ Components

We pay close attention to all elements of our jewellery.  Our findings are generally sterling silver or gold-filled, and our stringing is either German silk or American nylon-coated wire, acknowledged to be the very best.  We put equal effort into researching & selecting clay, resins, paints & glues.

Carefully Selected Suppliers

Since 2012 we have been evaluating suppliers in UK, Germany, USA, China & India, based on the quality & consistency.  We believe we have the best mix of suppliers for our needs.  Where possible, we have chosen to work with UK-based companies, even if there are cheaper options available elsewhere.

Consistency of Finished Products through Precision Processes

We ensure there is a uniformly high quality across all our jewellery through our proprietory production processes.  These allow creativity & freedom of expression during concept/initial design, switching to an emphasis on consistency & product quality during the making/finishing stages.