Bespoke Unique Jewellery

Looking for a piece of jewellery you'll never see on anyone else?

Our bespoke jewellery service is guaranteed to delight. 

We have two approaches to creating bespoke jewellery.

Bespoke Service 1: Variations

Variations is a bespoke design based on a piece you like from a Zayah collection.

The starting point is to choose a piece and tell us what you particularly like about it, anything that doesn't quite work for you, and any thoughts you have on how you'd like it different. Perhaps there's a favourite outfit you'd like to wear it with that needs to match a specific colour; or maybe you'd like the stones a little larger or smaller. We can work with you on ideas to turn it into the perfect version of the original piece, just for you. Typical requests are for different coloured gemstones, but there are many variations we can consider.

The price will depend of course on the kind of changes we end up with, but generally it will be pretty close to the price of the piece on which it's based.

There's no commitment to finding out, we love hearing from you. Drop us an email about your favourite piece and what would make it perfect for you.

Bespoke Service 2: Inspiration

Inspiration is bespoke jewellery designed around an individual. It's our favourite type of commission, and as a gift, it's a great experience for the giver too!

The process is based on us getting to know as much as you are comfortable sharing about the person who will be wearing the jewellery - what they're like, what colours and styles they wear, what they enjoy, what makes them smile. We create a piece of jewellery based on what we've heard, and we then work with you from there. The more we get a feel for the essence of the person, the better, and we can be quite creative in drawing that out!

Another important factor is price - the service is based on what you can afford. If you give us a rough idea of your budget, we'll do our best to come up with something to fit your price. Obviously the more you set aside, the more flexibility we have to do something really special.

Curious? Get in touch by email and we can arrange a chat for you to find out more - no obligation.