Caring For Your Jewellery

Thank you for purchasing your Zayah jewellery.  

We hope you enjoy wearing and owning it for many years to come, and have provided some tips on how to ensure it remains looking as beautiful as the day it arrived.

  • Store the jewellery carefully in the box we sent it in or another jewellery box
  • Use a soft lint free cloth to polish the jewellery
  • Put on perfume or hair spray and give it a few minutes to evaporate before putting on the jewellery. Some of the material will discolour when exposed to harsh chemicals. 
  • Handmade pendants are at times fragile and need to be handled with care
  • Cocktail rings are glued onto the ring shank. The glue weakens with exposure to water, so do try and not wet your ring as far as possible. 

Please do try and keep to these simple rules above to care for your jewellery. Not following these tips can result in discolouration and even damage in extreme cases. 

Despite following these tips, if you find there is any discolouration or any other problems, please get back in touch, mentioning the particular piece of jewellery. If you can take a photo on your phone and send that through, it will help us decide on how best to help you.