Plum Jade - Zayah

Jade actually comes in two types - jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is made of granular crystals while nephrite crystals are fibrous. The difference can be seen in the fact that Jadeite tends to be translucent while nephrite is more milky.  Jadeite also comes in variety of colours such as lilac, green, yellow, orange, white, red, pink, black, blue. Nephrite tends come in dark green and a cream colour. 

Jade is highly valued in the far East and is believed to be a sign of purity and serenity. Jade is also seen as a lucky stone that helps achieve goals and dreams. 

Yellow jade is believed to energise and stimulate, bring joy and happiness.  

White jade is said to be stimulating and energises too but with a mellowness in it and so also seen as a calming stone. 

Plum jade or lavender jade helps provide inner peace. 

Green jade is a calming stone

 Lemon Jade - Zayah

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