Jasper is another form of the crystalline quartz, chalcedony. It comes in a variety of colours from brick red to yellowish white or greyish blue, green, brown and a mixture of these colours. 

Jasper is seen as a nurturing stone and help in times of stress. 

Snakeskin & Elephant Skin Jasper - ZayahRed Jasper is believed to be protective and stimulating stone. It is thought to help calm emotions. 

Black Jasper is also known as ""Blackstone"" and is thought to be a protective stone. 

Mookaite is an Australian Jasper and is considered to be a nurturing stone that helps you accept change. 

Chinese Painting Stone is also known as Variegated Jasper and derives its name from the beautiful chinese painting type markings on the stone. It is seen as one of the most powerful healing stones. 

Apache Jasper is believed to bring stability and balance. 

Elephant Skin Jasper is also known as Calligraphy Stone and Arabic Script Stone is believed to dissolve negative energy and aid introspection. 

 Picasso Jasper - Zayah

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