Free Life Time Care

  • Cleaning - Has your Zayah jewellery got shabby and does it need a kind of cleaning that only jewellers can do for you?
  • Broken bits - Do you have favourite pieces of Zayah jewellery that you wore very often but now can't because the clasp* or some other bit broke or wore out from the frequent use?
  • Shortening/Lengthening - Very few of us stay the same size and shape over the years and decades. So have you had a Zayah bracelet or choker you've loved for years but now isn't quite the right fit anymore?
  • Restringing - Do you have hand knotted Zayah jewellery where the thread is shabby/dirty and needs a refresh?

If you've ever had any of these kinds of issues, you will be delighted to know that we offer free life time care option on your Zayah Jewellery as service to you, so that you will always enjoy your Zayah Jewellery.  

What does this mean? 

For any problems like these with your Zayah Jewellery, we will gladly do this for free as part of wanting our customers to always love and be able to use our jewellery.

*Standard clasps will be replaced at no cost but on any feature clasps that need replacing from wear and tear, we may have to pass on the cost of a new clasp to you.  

How do I go about getting my life time care?

Since each item will probably need different attention, all we ask you to do  is to send us an email on with a photograph of the jewellery if you can and we get back to you with the next steps. 

Once we've taken a look, we would ask you to post it to us (with parcel tracking for your safety). Once we have fixed your jewellery, you can either come and collect it from our workshop, so that you can try the piece on and be happy with the changes,  or we can post it back to you at our cost.  

Charged Service

In addition, if you've had damage to bits of the jewellery/lost perhaps one earring or some gemstones, we will fix/replace or do what it takes so that you can have as near a piece to the original. There will however be a small charge on this to cover our costs which we are sure you will understand particularly if it involves replacing gemstones .

We may also have situations where some of the gemstones are no longer available, in which case, we will talk through the options you have. Please drop us a line on with a photograph and we will get back to you.