Our Natural Materials

Coconut Shell

The coconut has been used for a diverse variety of applications with every part of the coconut being useful. Coconut Shell is an interesting material for beads. The hard coconut shell is processed to remove the hairs and formed into a variety of shapes, some of them left in their natural colours and others dyed. 

Our jewellery that uses coconut shell

Fall Colours

Kalahari Shrubland

Twinkling Coffee





Wood  of various types has been used from the early ages in history to form jewellery. Beads get created from a variety of wood. Some of the popular wooden beads are produced from Bayong, which is a hardwood that is similar to mahogany, Nangka or jackfruit tree, palm trees create palmwood beads, rosewood, greywood and robles wood.  Most of the beads created are made from left over wood that is used for construction and timber.  Since they are very light, they can be used with heavier material to reduce the weight of the jewellery. The Phillipines is one of the suppliers to the world. Dyed wooden beads provide a variety of quirky and fun colours. 

Our jewellery that uses wood

Fall Colours

Blue River




Spring Sky


Shell (Mother of Pearl)

The use of shell to form jewellery can be traced back into history. Shell today comes in different forms, in the shape of a shell, to the internal layer of a mollusc shell better known as Mother of Pearl and also dyed in a variety of colours

Our jewellery that uses shell



Stormy Sea


Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay is  a man made material that renders itself for sculpting and creating shapes. The material usually needs to be warmed up till chemical reaction sets off that enables shapes to be made without cracking or breaking. This is then baked in a low temperature oven to hold its shape. 

Our jewellery made with polymer clay

Carnival Collection

Lavender Hidcote-pink