Anahita Pendant


Pendant with an exotic circled white freshwater pearl in a sterling silver tear shaped frame and tiny silver beads. Supplied on a sterling silver chain. 

Pearls have been believed to be symbolic of purity, innocence and faith. Pearls are also believed to enhance personal integrity and clear the mind to receive wisdom.

What's the Story?

Anahita is an ancient Persian goddess whose symbol is the moon. This beautiful  pearl pendant reminded us of a moonlit night.

The circled effect formed by the lines around the pearl about a third of the way down, perpendicular to the axis of the pearl, is a look we consider exotic.


13-13.5mm Freshwater white semi baroque pearl; sterling silver frame; sterling silver beads; length of sterling silver filigree chain supplied - 16 inches. 

Note: Each pearl is slightly different in the type of irridescence and there may be a slight variation of size compared to the piece photographed. The specific details of your pearl will be documented in the certificate that accompanies the pendant.

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