Anumati Earrings


Beautiful white freshwater coin pearls and carnelian set in sterling silver earrings. Handmade in the UK.  

Pearls have been believed to be symbolic of purity, innocence and faith. Pearls are also believed to enhance personal integrity and clear the mind to receive wisdom. Carnelian is believed to be the stone of motivation, courage and leadership.

What's the Story?

Anumati is a Hindu goddess of the moon. She is given the title "Divine Favour". These freshwater coin pearls remind us of the moon and the dark orange carnelian stones create elegant earrings.

Freshwater pearls, particularly those in unusual shapes, are known to be particularly irridescent. This is because the nacre is thick from the longer time taken to form - approximately 3-7 years.

These pearls are also known as Biwa pearls, named after the original Japanese lake where they were first cultured. This particular pearl comes from China, which is now the world's largest freshwater pearl production market.


12-12.5mm freshwater white coin pearls; carnelian beads ~ 4mm 

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