BumbleBee Necklace


Contemporary distinctive long necklace in black & yellow. Handmade in the UK,this necklace is made of lemon jade and natural lava stone in a symmetrical pattern, supported by small lemon jade and natural jade.

Yellow jade is believed to energise and stimulate, bring joy and happiness. One of the igneous rocks formed during a volcanic eruption is basalt. Natural lava stone is made from basalt. The irregular stones are naturally formed and make each bead unique.

What's The Story?

The starting point for the BumbleBee was our fascination with the Black Lava Stone. The texture of the lava stone is something we find lends a strong, distinctive character to jewellery. We then thought about what in nature came to mind, and the bumblebee was our choice.

We selected two types of black lava stone to use, round ones for most of the chain and an oval one to act as a pendant. We wanted a contrast of textures and so we chose the smooth lemon jade in a rectangular shape for the yellow. Often for us, beauty of a design is in the detail, so carefully selecting lemon jade round beads to use between the black lava round beads and using another natural white jade around the rectangular lemon jade made the design something very special. Tiny seed yellow bead to end the pendant and surrounding the oval lava bead with bigger lemon jade beads finished the necklace for us.

For those like to wear matching earrings with a necklace, we used the oval lava bead with a few black and yellow seed beads and the lemon jade round beads to create a design that did justice to the necklace.


Necklace length - 26 inches.

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