Cactus Necklace


Inspired by a cactus in flower, this princess length necklace has natural white and rosewood beads framing moss agate, mother of pearl chips, dyed shell and a butter jade stone.

Moss Agate is believed to help make you appreciate all that is beautiful in the environment and rejuvenate your soul. Yellow jade is believed to energise and stimulate, bring joy and happiness

What's The Story?

There are over 2000 varieties of cacti on the earth today. A cactus is a great water reservoir, and has helped many people survive in harsh deserts. In the midst of the rugged, sparse terrain, the cactus can produce stunning flowers with beauty and instense colours in stark contrast to both its environment and its own thorny stem that it needs for survival and protection.

A customer asked us whether it was possible to consider designing around what cactus looks like and represents, and we were really happy with what came out of the creative process for this - light sand coloured wooden beads to depict the sand, followed by mother of pearl chips between a dark green moss agate gemstone to represent the stem with its prickly thorns. We chose a vivid pink dyed shell and a tiny yellow jade bead to represent the cactus flower and presto, the cactus had come to life!


Necklace length - 20 inches.

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