Ceres Pendant


Beautiful peach freshwater pearls and carnelian pendant. Supplied on a solid yellow gold 9ct filigree chain.

Pearls have been believed to be symbolic of purity, innocence and faith. Pearls are also believed to enhance personal integrity and clear the mind to receive wisdom. Carnelian is believed to be the stone of motivation, courage and leadership.

What's the Story?

Ceres is the Roman Goddess of Agriculture. The peach freshwater pearls look like grains and we decided to name the pendant after this Goddess. 

These freshwater pearls are drilled at an angle to create a leaf shape pattern. The peach pearls and the dark orange carnelian stones create a complementary set of colours in an elegant pendant. 


8-8.5mm freshwater peach pearls; carnelian beads - 6.5mm; length of chain supplied - 16 inches

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