Contemplation and commitment


Unusual pendant with glowing purple and an antiqued silver border

What's the Story

We love clay as a medium for jewellery since it gives us the ability to create dimension as well as shape and texture.

We wanted to create a concave shaped pendant but one that also had texture and colour. So this time we decided to go with whatever our eyes fell on first rather than think through the colour combinations. So we picked the antique polish to create a border and the metallic finish for the inside. Despite the antiqued polish on the border, the glowing purple shade prevents the pendant from having a competely aged look. This is named after the thoughts we had when we looked at it.

Product Details

Zayah Contemplation and Commitment Pendant, 2014 - Polymer clay, polish, mica

Size - ~ 4cm diameter

Supplied on a silver plated chain

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