Crimson Callicore Necklace


Inspired by the crimson butterfly, redstone and blackstone chip beads form a bright princess length necklace with a handmade pendant

Black Jasper is also known as "Blackstone" and is thought to be a protective stone.

What's The Story?

Many of our customers have told us how much they love butterflies, something that has been a beloved of the Zayah team too. We decided that over time we would do several in our range to represent a variety of butterflies.

We wanted to create one a necklace in shades of black and red and so started taking a look at the variety of butterfly species. Callicore is a genus of butterfly commonly known as eighty-eights because of the number look alike on the underside of their wings. The Callicore Cynosura also known by the common name of Crimson Callicore was the perfect butterfly for our inspiration.

Using blackstone and redstone in alternate blocks to create stripes and a handmade pendant which had demarcated aspects of the colour seemed a great way to create our Crimson Callicore!


Necklace length - 19 inches.

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