Cuckoo? Brooch


A brooch inspired by the cuckoo's nest

What's the Story?

The cuckoo has earned its notoriety for placing its egg in another's nest and getting the host bird to hatch and look after its young. The cuckoo manages this by imitating the markings of the host's eggs so the host can't tell the difference. The newly hatched cuckoos are pretty good at getting rid of competition by pushing the actual host chicks out of the nest. Did you know that a female cuckoo lays about 12-22 eggs in different nests, but usually the same breed that she was hatched in?

We love watching birds building their nests and the times we've seen nests with the eggs in them. This turned out to be the inspiration to get started on this unusual and quirky piece of jewellery.  Several cuckoo species have a black and white striped tail. 

So what you see is a stylish and beautiful nest in black and silver with a set of eggs. We've created a variety of these nests with between 3-5 egg per nest. These are our flights of fancy, so in some of the nests we have all the eggs the same colour and in others we've placed one in a slightly different colour because we'd like to be able to see the cuckoo's handiwork :-)!

Generally, it's a bit of a lucky dip in terms of what you get but we are happy to make a bespoke piece for you, so drop us a line if you'd like to customise this piece.

Product Details

Zayah cuckoo brooch, 2014 - Polymer clay, silver leaf with mica powder dusting.

Brooch size ~5cm

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