Dream Time Pendant


Inspired by Australian Aboriginal Art, Dream time is a Limited Edition piece from Zayah’s Wearable Art jewellery collection.

What's the Story?

In Australian Aboriginal mythology, Dream time is a place beyond time and space in which the past, present, and future exist together. People can enter this place through dreams or various states of altered consciousness, including death. Dream time is considered the final destination before reincarnation
The places and dreams depicted in Australian Aboriginal art refer to mythical activity ancestral power. Artists employ a basic set of symbols with multiple meanings depending on their context. Concentric circles usually represent campsites or rock holes. Wavy lines usually is water or rain

We have two variant shapes in this - one in the impression of a boomerang, another in the shape of a pebble.

Product Details

Zayah Dream Time Pendant, 2014- Polymer clay

Boomerang pendant size - max length - 5cm, max width - 8cm supplied on bright red leather cord

Pebble pendant size - max length 6cm, max width 5cm  supplied on silver plated chain


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