Driving Rain


Beautiful, unusual pendants with a sense of fluidity and motion

What's the Story?

We've been looking at global textile art forms and got to tie & dye which is prevalent in multiple cultures. The Indians are believed to have been doing this over 5000 years ago, Alexander the Great is supposed to have been taken with the beautiful Indian tie & dye. The Chinese and Japanese each created their versions of it a while later. All three are similar in some aspects and very different in others.

Arashi Shibori is a type of pole wrapping tie & dye technique from Japan. While we were reading and jumping from one thing that caught our eye to another, we happened to stumble upon an artist, Glennis Dolce, aka Shibori Girl. You might enjoy taking a look at the beautiful Shibori works of art she creates. We were particularly taken by the Shibori Ribbons which is the Arashi Shibori technique on silk ribbons. The colours and the fluidity of the ribbon are spectacular!

Helen Breil, a respected polymer clay artist and teacher introduced the technique to the world of being able to replicate this look in clay. Of course we couldn't resist trying it and we love the look they create. Everyone who has seen these have said they haven't seen anything so beautiful before.


We have this in a variety of colours and sizes, but if you want a specific colour in a specific size that we haven't featured, drop us a line and we'll be happy to create one for you. 

Product Details

Zayah "Driving Rain" Pendant, 2014 - Polymer clay dusted with mica.

Small  - length - 4.0-4.5cm and width ~2cm

Medium - length - ~5.7-6.3cm and width ~ 2.5cm

Large - length - 7.5-8.8cm and width ~ 3-3.5cm

Supplied on either a gold plated or silver plated chain 

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