Drops of Peace


Serene looking pendant in delicate colours

What's the Story?

Our inspiration is not always based on what we see outside the studio such as birds, flowers and nature. Sometimes we create our designs based on the equivalent of doodlings in clay! This pendant came about this way!

We were creating a set of new pendants and the tear shape or shape of a drop was one that we felt was a lovely shape for a pendant. So we were trying a variety of techniques and settled on using textures and a metallic look for some of the work. Textures we believe adds a dimension to any piece of jewellery and you see how we do it on our gemstone jewellery by combining other materials such as wood or shell in. In clay, we use texture stamps, gold & silver leaf, paints and a variety of material to create texture and colour.

We created the tear drop shape, we textured the shape, then dusted it with metallic colours to get them a gentle glow. But on the table we had a variety of different colours and different ropes that we had created using our extruder. We combined different ones till we were happy with the pendant. So the one we ended up shortlisting was a multicoloured rope. The mood was serene and peaceful in the studio and so we decided to call them Drops of Peace. We hope they provide you with a sense of serenity!

Product Details

Zayah Drops of Peace Pendant, 2014 - Polymer clay, extruded multicolur ropes of polymer clay, textured and painted with mica dusting

Size - length 4cm & max width - 3cm

Supplied on a silver plated chain

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