Fall Colours Necklace


Inspired by New England Fall Colours, earth tone contemporary matinee necklace. Handmade in the UK with semiprecious Jasper, quartzite, coconut shell &wood

Elephant Skin Jasper is also known as Calligraphy Stone, while Arabic Script Stone is believed to dissolve negative energy and aid introspection.

What's The Story?

In the US, one of the best places to watch the change of seasons in the tree foliage is in New England. The beautiful tones of the leaves in autumn are a sight to behold in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Driving in the area and seeing miles of trees in a riot of yellows, oranges, reds and browns that dominate the autumn New England landscape is an inspiring experience. When we acquired the unusual Elephant Skin Jasper coin stone, we loved the colour and texture that it had. We felt that it somehow called to us to create a Fall Colours design of necklace.

We started with some bright orange square beads to complement the Elephant Skin Jasper coin stones and used Coconut Shell discs and some small emerald green dyed quartzite to create the hidden and rapidly fading shades of green in autumn. The earrings with the coin Jasper stones and the orange wooden square beads created a lovely complement to the necklace. This is one of our favourite necklace designs because of the earthy tone colours and the stunning views it reminds us of.

The Elephant Skin Jasper particularly in coin shape was hard to acquire so our Fall Colours is a limited edition range design.


Necklace length - 22 inches.

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