Fruit of Gods


Glittering mango shaped pendant

What's the Story?

The Mango is one of the world's favourite fruits and originated in South Asia. The name Mango in English finds its first mention in the early 16th century when spice traders from Kerala talked about this exotic fruit and called it a "Manga", the name it was called in Malayalam. Did you know that mango, cashewnut and sumac are all from the same biological family?!

Mangoes are known in India as the Fruit of Gods and mango leaves are considered auspicious and are used to decorate the house during key festivals, special occasions as well as at Indian weddings.

We wanted to create a special pendant with that could be used for special occasions and went with the mango shape since it reminds us of Indian weddings with its glitter and bright colours.

Product Details

Zayah Fruit of Gods Pendant,2014 - Textured polymer clay, metal leaf

Size - max length - 5.5cm, max width - 2.5cm

Supplied on a gold plated chain

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