Iris Necklace


Uncommon white Keshi pearls are interspersed with small rainbow hematite to create a beautiful choker necklace.

What's The Story?

Iris is the Greek Goddess of the rainbow and was believed to be the messenger to the Gods. With the rainbow hematite beads, Iris was the perfect match for this Goddess necklace. Cultured pearls usually go through a process of "nucleation" where an irritant is introduced into the oyster or mollusc which then causes it to form a pearl around. Keshi pearls are non-nucleated and are free form pearls. When we looked at these pearls, we had the sense of freedom of spirit and sense of being light at heart.


Keshi Pearl size 8-12mmx2-4mm. Necklace length - 14-16 inches.

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