Isis Necklace


Lovely, large lavender shell pearls are painstakingly handknotted on silk thread to create a Princess length necklace. The mother of pearl clasp is in tones of grey and black and makes the necklace distinctive.

What's The Story?

Isis is an Egyptian Goddess who was famous as Goddess of life and magic. Isis' name comes from the Egyptian word aset and means the Queen of the Goddesses. Our collection of pearls cannot be complete without the timeless elegance of hand knotted pearls. We decided that the one that was befitting of the Goddess Range was this lovely lavender shell pearl. To make this truly complete, we hunted till we found a perfect clasp for the necklace to make a statement. We used shell pearls, formed using the actual nacre from mollusc shells that creates normal pearls, but man-made and therefore guaranteed to be uniform in size and shape. The shell pearl is made by coating a mother of pearl bead with genuine pearl nacre powder and baking it for strength and durability. Since high quality shell pearls can have the same organic structure as cultured pearls, it is difficult to tell the difference between cultured pearls and shell pearls, even with X-ray equipment.


Lavender Shell Pearl - 12mm. Necklace length - 18 inches.

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