Kalahari Shrubland Necklace


Contemporary matinee necklace. Handmade in the UK with wood, spectacular large semiprecious Rhyolite ovals & black Lavastone.

Rhyolite is seen as a gemstone that sparks creativity and the motivation to make things happen. One of the igneous rocks formed during a volcanic eruption is basalt. Natural lava stone is made from basalt. The irregular stones are naturally formed and make each bead unique.

What's The Story?

The Kalahari desert, known in the local language as "thirsty land", covers 900,000 square kilometres of Africa. It extends over most of Botswana, some parts of Namibia and South Africa. The shrubs in the Kalahari Desert present a spectacular scene with the hints of dark green against the arid and dusty red brown terrain.

When we came across the character filled Rhyolite stone in a large bold size, the design that came to us was to draw on inspiration from the stark terrain of the Kalahari Shrubland. The Rhyolite stones were made the highlight. Given the shape and size of the Ryolite stones, they needed to be used on the sides of the necklace so that they draped correctly. The large size of the Rhyolite oval stones also meant that these stones were heavier than the typical stones we use for our designs. To provide the balance on weight as well as create a design that complemented and was inspired by the shrubland, we used wooden beads and some lava stones to complete the piece.


Necklace length - 24 inches.

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