Lasema Silver Pendant


Baroque pearls are being recognised for their intrinsic beauty, and are considered a fashion trend by discerning wearers of pearls.

This stunning baroque pearl pendant is supplied on a sterling silver filigree chain14-14.5mm beautiful freshwater baroque pearl combined with rainbow hematite bring out the irridescence on the pearl. The first piece ever made was for a customer getting married soon, and this opened our eyes to the fact that this makes beautiful bridal wear. 

Pearls are also believed to enhance personal integrity and clear the mind to receive wisdom

What's the Story?

Lasema is the name of the Tibetan Goddess of Beauty, also know as Goddess of the Moon. Naming this pendant after a Goddess seemed apt.  

Freshwater pearls especially those in unusual shapes are known to be particularly irridescent. This is because the nacre is thick because these pearls form over a long time, approximately 3-7 years. This pearl comes from China, the home of freshwater pearl production.


14mm freshwater peach coin pearl. Length of sterling silver filigree chain - 16 inches. 

Note: Each pearl is slightly different in the type of irridescence and there might even be a slight variation of size when compared to the one photographed. The specific details of your pearl will be specified in the certificate that accompanies the pendant. 

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