Lavender Hidcote Pink Necklace


Designed for someone special, this contemporary princess necklace is handmade in the UK with semiprecious plum jade, white jade, orchid dyed quartzite and moonstone, finished with & handmade clay pendant.

Jade is believed to be a very lucky stone that helps you attain your goals and dreams. White Jade in particular is considered to be extremely calming and plum jade helps provide inner peace.

What's The Story?

We love the plum jade gemstone. It is a beautiful and elegant stone and in an oval shape it gave us ideas of creating something that can make a sensational evening wear piece.

The flower, lavender hidcote pink, gave us the inspiration to create a necklace with a handmade pendant using the lavender, grey, white and black colours. By using some grey moonstone and white jade on either side of a lavender coloured quartzite we created a break to enhance and complement the oval plum jade beads. The result is a beautiful necklace for which we have had great feedback from those wearing it.


Necklace length - 20 inches.

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