New Orleans Pendant

New Orleans is a ball shaped bright blue and orange pendant with carnelian gemstones creating a tail and supplied on a silver plated chain. This pendant uses the bulls eye lace cane technique with blue and orange polymer clay. Rather than simply make this a bead on a chain, we decide to create some fluidity by giving it a tail in complementary carnelian gemstones.

Each piece is hand-made in our London studio, and no two pieces made by this process will ever be exactly the same.

Polymer clay pendants are a part of the Zayah Carnival Collection where jewellery is named after places that celebrate carnivals. New Orleans in Louisiana in the United States is one of the places that celebrates the carnival. Parades in New Orleans are organised by Krewes or groups and they tend to throw glass beads for spectators to keep as souvenirs. 


  • Orange & blue ball with tail pendant
  • Chain length 16 inches ; Pendant size ~0.3 inch diameter and length with tail of ~1.3 inches
  • Pendant - hand-worked clay ; chain - silver plated; gemstones - 3mm carnelian faceted gemstones

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