Nice Pendant

This is a bean shaped pendant in a complex pattern of bright green and yellow with imprints and supplied on a silver plated chain. The pendant is painstakingly crafted using an intricate & complex pattern as a sheet which is then imprinted with a texture mat. This is then shaped in the form of a bean, fired and then covered with a protective glaze.

While there are similar pieces, no two Nice pendants will be quite the same because of the complexity of the pattern and the fact that it is handmade at our studio in London.

Polymer clay pendants are a part of the Zayah Carnival Collection where jewellery is named after places that celebrate carnivals. Nice in France is one of the places that celebrates the carnival. This is one of the oldest carnivals with a history going back to the 13th century. 


  • Green Yellow Bean Pendant
  • Chain length 16 inches ; Pendant size ~ 1.5 inch width and ~0.4 max length 
  • Pendant - hand-worked clay ; chain - silver plated

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