Odanodan Necklace


Earth tone contemporary princess necklace. Handmade in the UK with clay pendant, wood, red jasper & mookaite gemstones.

Red Jasper is believed to be protective and stimulating stone. It is thought to help calm emotions. Mookaite is an Australian Jasper and is considered to be a nurturing stone that helps you accept change.

What's The Story?

We wanted to create an earth tone necklace design. To do this, we decided to use primarily the maroon mookaite chips between some earthy wooden beads and added some hints of other red in the form of Red Jasper. For the centre piece, we framed a handmade pendant in earth tone colours including hints of blue and green with the yellowish brown mookaite chip beads.

Odanodan means "Of the Red Earth" in Ireland and seemed an apt name for this necklace.


Necklace length - 19 inches.

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