Peacock Earrings

Blue, green & brown earrings handmade in the UK with lapis lazuli, malachite, jasper, turquoise gemstones and handmade beads. These earrings match the peacock inspired necklace.

Turquoise is thought to be symbol of generosity, sincerity and affection and is believed to bring good luck when gifted. It is also believed to help in problem solving. Jasper is seen as a nurturing stone and help in times of stress. Lapis Lazuli is seen as a protector from evil. This is also believed to enable you to take charge of life and helps balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Malachite is believed to be the stone of transformation and seen as a very powerful stone since it is believed to be a protection against evil and has been used to ward of sickness and danger..

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