Pink Pebbles Necklace


Princess length necklace in pink and brown. Handmade in the UK with carnation pink quartzite with fossil crinoid square beads and with grey/pink coffee bean jasper to complement colours.

Crinoids are unusually beautiful and graceful members of the phylum Echinodermata. This is the phylum that brings you starfish, sea urchins, and sand dollars. The crinoids are a breed apart however, they resemble an underwater flower. Some even have parts that look and act like roots anchoring them to the ocean floor. They are commonly called sea lilies. The fossilised version of these crinoids result in beautiful beads.

What's The Story?

We had requests for necklaces in pink from some of our customers. To make the design unique and special, we thought the gorgeous fossil crinoid beads with the brown, grey and pink in it would be a perfect complement and a way to break the sense of too much pink. By picking some coffee jasper beads to create hints of some brown hints and to frame the fossil crinoid beads, this was another quietly elegant necklace where the design came to us quite quickly.


Necklace length - 18 inches.

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