Porto Alegre Ring

This is a silver plated adjustable oval cocktail ring made with polymer clay. The pattern on the clay is created using a marbling technique with with a variety of colours to create a bright swirl that looks random. The polymer clay is fired,sanded and polished. With this swirl pattern, each piece is truly unique and is handmade in our London studio.

Cocktail Rings are a part of the Zayah Carnival Collection where jewellery is named after places that celebrate carnivals. 

Porto Alegre (Happy Harbour) is one of the carnivals of Brazil and is the southern most capital city of a Brazilian state. One of the distinctive features of this carnival is King Momo, who receives the keys to the city from the Mayor of Porto Alegre at the beginning of the Carnival. This symbolises the King looking after the city during the four nights of revelry. Like all Brazilian carnivals, floats, music and dance enthral spectators.  


Maximum width of polymer clay face of ring ~ 30mm  for the round variant and a max length of ~28mm and max width of ~22mm for the oval variant. Ring shank can be adjusted and set for ring size from ~15mm to over 22mm ie in UK ring size terms J-Z+2. 

Materials used - polymer clay, silver plated ring shank. 

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