Rhea Necklace


Contemporary necklace in Green, Pink, Blue. Handmade in the UK with fresh water square pearls, paua shell & Swarovski. Unusual square fresh water pearls and Paua Shells are the centre piece of this beautiful choker length necklace. Pale green Swarovski beads form the arms of the necklace, with further brown, pink and pale blue Swarovski beads used to bring out the colours on the Paua Shell. The centre of the necklace uses a laser cut sterling silver bead.

What's The Story?

Rhea is the ancient Titan Earth Goddess, who was believed to be responsible for the fertility of the soil and women. Fertility and soil remind us of flourishing green, the key colour in this necklace. We found that the square pearls had a beauty that is unparalleled and since this shape of pearls is not commonly used in jewellery, it needed to have its elegance highlighted. We chose Paua Shells with their wonderful irridescent colours in an oval shape to contrast with the square pearls. By using Swarovski crystals, we brought a sparkle into this piece that complements the pearls and Paua Shells.


Square Pearls - 12mm. Paua Shell - 16x12mm. Necklace length - 15 - 17 inches.

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