Rio Pendant

A beautiful handmade pendant in blue with imprints and shimmer of lavender and light blue on a lavender leather suede cord. We created this in a rounded triangular form by shaping a sheet of blue clay by hand, imprinting it and then dusting mica powder on it to give it a shimmer. 

Each of these pendants are handmade by us at our London studio, so while there will be similar pieces, there will never be exactly identica pieces. 

Polymer clay pendants are a part of the Zayah Carnival Collection where jewellery is named after places that celebrate carnivals. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is the most recognized place that celebrates the carnival. Floats, parades, samba music and colourful costume mark this carnival.  


  • Pendant in the form rounded triangle on a lavender suede cord
  • Chain length 16 inches ; Pendant size - ~2.5 inch length  and width of ~2.2 inches
  • Pendant - hand-worked clay ; chain - leather (lavender suede)

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