Rosea Necklace


An elegant lavender & white princess-length necklace. Handmade in the UK with white jade, quartzite gemstones and a beautiful handmade pendant.

Jade is believed to be a very lucky stone that helps you attain your goals and dreams. White Jade in particular is considered to be extremely calming.

What's The Story?

One the early customers of Zayah told us that she loved the colour lavender

When we designed a necklace with her in mind, quiet elegance was what came to mind. To take this into a design, we decided that other than the colour lavender, we would use white. Since jade is believed to help attain one's goals and dreams, we thought white jade would be perfect as the stone to use.

Creating a special handmade pendant in shades or purple and black seemed to be a perfect foil for the quiet beauty of the jade and orchid dyed quartzite. Purple is seen as a colour that connects us to imagination and spirituality. It is also seen as a colour that helps us introspect and access our deeper thoughts. The purplish Vinca Rosea flower reminded us of this necklace and we decided to go with the name of Rosea after it.


Necklace length - 18.5inches.

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