Ruminations of a Rhombus


Quirky pendant in the shape of a rhombus

What's the Story?

The square on its diagonal is a shape we love. So in our quest to create interesting pendants, we settled on this shape being one.

We gave the textured piece a dust of gold powder before using a variety of colours. The ropes of clay from our extruder seemed perfect to frame this pendant as well. By using liquid clay, we've hidden the texture from your touch, so while you can see the grooves of the texture, you can't feel it which we thought was a nice illusion. It's a quirky pendant, so we looked for a quirky name and came up with Ruminations of a Rhombus. It brought a smile to our face and we hope to you as well!

Product Details

Zayah Ruminations of a Rhombus, 2014 - Textured polymer clay and mica

Size - length & width - 4cm

Supplied on a gold plated chain

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