Santacruz Pendant

This pendant is one of our favourites in the Carnival Collection. It combines a modern and contemporary set of colours with a very antique looking centre piece to create a quirky piece. The square pendant is created by imprinting a texture mat on the dark blue clay and dusting only this bit with silver mica. It has then been added onto a double layer of dark blue and bright green clay. It is fired and covered with a protective gaze. 

Each piece is hand-made in our London studio, and no two pieces made by this process will ever be exactly the same.

Polymer clay pendants are a part of the Zayah Carnival Collection where jewellery is named after places that celebrate carnivals. Santacruz in Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands is another place that celebrates carnivals. This party has two components, the organised and the street party. Like other Spanish carnivals, this carnival ends with the burial of the sardine. 


  • Square Pendant in an antique style
  • Chain length 16 inches ; Pendant size - length and width ~1.25 inches
  • Pendant - hand-worked clay ; chain - silver plated

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