Serene Sea Bracelet


Sea green,blue bracelet made with semiprecious stones. Handmade in the UK with amazonite, quartzite gemstones and star fish charms.

Amazonite is believed to be a soothing stone that also has filtering capabilities. It also is believed to help you see different perspectives of a problem and enables you to see different points of view.

What's The Story?

We wanted to create a design with amazonite. Its milky green blue colour was something we found very attractive. Amazonite is believed to have soothing capabilities and since it has the same feel when you see it meant that a design that conveyed serenity seemed apt. By finding cute starfish shaped charms and adding some hints of light blue quartzite, the design appeared on the bead board! The name Serene Sea seemed to fit perfectly.

For those who like to wear matching sets, Serene Sea is available in matching earrings and necklace.


Bracelet - 7-7.5 inches.

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