Stormy Sea Earrings

Iridescent labradorite make beautiful subtle dangling earrings and are inspired by a sea on stormy day. These are handmade in the UK with labradorite gemstone & seed beads.These earrings match the necklace inspired by the stormy sea.

Labradorite, an unusual lumiscent gemstone and a mother of pearl pendant make this princess length necklace. Labradorite is part of the feldspar family and is typically descirbed by its "schiller"effect which means a mix of irridescent colours, which makes it a beautiful stone. Labradorite is believed to bring out your innate magical powers and calm the negative aspects of our personality


Dangle length of ~20mm or 0.7 inches. Silver plated earrings with 10mm labradorite gemstone and three seed beads coloured green, yellow and lavender. 

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