Stormy Sea Necklace


Contemporary elegant, grey necklace. Handmade in the UK with labradorite gemstones and mother of pearl pendant.

Labradorite is part of the feldspar family and is typically descirbed by its "schiller"effect which means a mix of irridescent colours, which makes it a beautiful stone. Labradorite is believed to bring out your innate magical powers and calm the negative aspects of our personality.

What's The Story?

Labradorite is a unique and beautiful iridescent gemstone. We have always wanted to create a design that uses this stone. Looking at the stone, what it reminded us of is a stormy sea.

When we set about the task of creating a design, a pendant that was vertical with some curved shapes that represent waves was something we thought would work well. We came across a pendant of mother of pearl pendant that was of the shape we were looking for. Labradorite gemstone gives off beautiful hint of rainbow colours, so all we wanted to add to it was tiny seed beads in colours of green, lavender, yellow and blue as a spacer between each labradorite gemstone bead. We were really pleased with the result.


Necklace length - 20 inches.

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