Sugar n Spice Brooch


Stunning feminine brooch 

What's the Story?

Remember the nursery rhyme - "sugar, spice and all things nice"? We wanted to create some feminine brooches that seemed to have motion in them.

When we were browsing through techniques, we found the folding technique that Helen Breil popularised. We've created these ribbon type brooches using this. We had a lot of fun making these brooches and they are available in pink & purple, blue & green.

Fancy a bespoke version in another colour? Drop us a line and we'll be happy to make one for you.

Product Details

Zayah Sugar n Spice, 2014 - Polymer clay with mica dusting

Pink & purple size -  length - 4 cm & max width - 9cm

Blue & green size - length 3.5cm & max width - 7cm

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