Tampa Pendant

This pendant should bring a smile to your face - it's an absolute statement piece but also bright and cheerful in shades of yellow and brown. The whole pendant is to create the feel of a piece of brown leather with bits of yellow leather patched on. 

This is handmade with polymerclay. We create a sheet of brown clay and imprinted with a leather effect texture mat. We then painstakingly cut out all the tiny yellow triangles in multiple shades and stuck them on. To create the patched effect we used a pin to create the tiny holes. 

Since each piece is handmade at our London studio, even though pendants will be similar, no two pieces will be identical.

 Polymer clay pendants are a part of the Zayah Carnival Collection where jewellery is named after places that celebrate carnivals. Tampa in Florida, United States is one of the places that celebrates the carnival.  This is a Caribbean festival with music, fun and dance. 


  • Large pendant on a gold plated chain
  • Chain length including pendant ~25 inches ; Pendant size - ~5 inches width and ~ 2.5 inches length
  • Pendant - hand-worked clay ; chain - gold plated

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