Woodpecker Necklace


Inspired by the beautiful and cute red bellied wood pecker,opera length necklace in red,black,white. Handmade in the UK with blackstone, mother of pearl, Swarovski & wood.

Black Jasper is also known as "Blackstone" and is thought to be a protective stone.

What's The Story?

In the South East of London, where we are based, it isn't uncommon to see a wood pecker called the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker come onto the local garden trees. We spent a lot of time, watching this species. When we were looking at inspirations for jewellery, the woodpecker came to mind. However, we decided to go with a slightly different species found in North America, called the Red Bellied Woodpecker or the Melanerpes carolinus. Despite the misleading name, most of the red is on its head! What we loved about this woodpecker is the subtlety of colour moving from shades of a greyish or brownish white to the monochrome black and white in a barred pattern and the lovely reddish orange shades.

Some whitish wooden beads, with mother of pearl and blackstone chips to provide the barred pattern and a bright red orange set of wooden rectangular beads carefully interspersed with some orange Swarovski bicones seemed to be a perfect way for our designer to represent the Red Bellied Woodpecker.


Necklace length - 32 inches.

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